Learn User Experience Design

An eBook written by a user experience designer, for user experience designers who want to become successful at what they do.

What's Inside?

This book covers all the bases of a design process in our modern world including phases of the UX design process and best practices along a designer's journey.

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Chapter 1 Get Inside the Mind of a User
Chapter 2 Design Thinking
Chapter 3 Design Strategy
Chapter 4 Conceptualization & Prototyping
Chapter 5 User Research & Validation
Chapter 6 UI Design
Chapter 7 UX Principles
Chapter 8 UX Resources and Links
Bonus: Chapter 9 UX Checklist

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Who is the book for?

I created this book for those who want to REALLY learn the user experience design process and have struggled to grasp what the job really entails.

No matter your knowledge of UX design this book is targeted towards both new and seasoned UX designers.

Why should I download your book?

I believe UX design isn’t something that can be learned in a classroom but rather from real experiences, even if it’s someone else’s. I want to share what I know about UX design as well as many methodologies I have used along my path as a UX designer to help you build products people love.

Online resources try to teach in a very scholarly way, whereas I tend to tell it like it is. These “teachers” are sometimes not even professionals on the topic at hand, which is pretty lame. They are more interested in the money than giving real information to their students.

Most designers forget that UX design is more about the user than any part of the design itself. The user dictates the way a product can or will evolve. Designers make it work.

Successful user experiences keep users coming back for more. To create these you need to understand many aspects of the process all of which are outlined in the book.

What formats will it be available in?

The book is available in PDF and ePub formats.

That's great but how much is it?


Regular Edition: $4.99

  • What you get:
  • Instantly downloadable PDF
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Deluxe Edition: $8.99

  • What you get:
  • Instantly downloadable PDF & ePUB formats
  • ALL templates referenced inside the eBook
  • My indepth UX Checklist
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Who wrote it?

Andy Leverenz: Author of LUXD

My name is Andy Leverenz. I’m a man of many hats. I got my start in graphic design and worked my way up to the digital realm designing websites and apps for clients around the world. Through my own experiences and research, I decided to give back to designers like myself by offering my own approach as well as many tried and true methods regarding user experience design.

I have written for Web Designer Depot, Elegant Themes, Specky Boy and my own creation Webcrunch. I recently started a new micro-agency with my fiancé called Couple of Creatives.

If you’re looking to learn UX design, this book is for you!