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Meet "Billie" - WordPress 4.3
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Andy Leverenz

August 20, 2015

Last updated November 5, 2023

Meet "Billie" - WordPress 4.3

New from the team at Automattic is version 4.3 of WordPress. This version is called "Billie" and brings new features such as:

  • Better Passwords
  • Menus in the Customizer
  • Formatting Shortcuts ( A personal favorite!)
  • Site Icons ( customize your icons across all of your apps and sites)
  • A smoother admin experience
  • Comments are now turned off on all new pages by default ( Finally!)
  • Template Hierarchy (Added singular.php as a fallback for single.php and page.php.

Check out the overview video below for more information. Try 4.3 for yourself at

Watch Video

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