Beginner JavaScript

A collection dedicated to the vast world of JavaScript from old to new.
9 Articles

How to Code HTML to WordPress

In this screencast series, I'll take a new approach to build WordPress themes by bypassing the design stage. For all intended purposes I will be making use of a free HTML template and translating it to WordPress.
10 Articles

Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails

This collection is dedicated to those interested in learning Ruby on Rails.
20 Articles

Let's Build: With JavaScript

A series devoted to learning JavaScript using real-world examples that apply to everyday web designers and developers.
14 Articles

Let's Build: With Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS has become my favorite CSS framework to reach for lately. The focus of the framework is utility-first which means adding classes to HTML elements to style it collectively. This collection is devoted to using, customizing, an...
8 Articles

Let's Build for Ruby and Rails Developers

A complete series of me building an application in public in efforts to help the Ruby and Rails community
19 Articles


All things JavaScript. Learn everything from frameworks to useful patterns and concepts.
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A day in the life of me, Andy Leverenz. I go behind the scenes about various topics related to entrepreneurship, web development, design, and life.
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CSS Flexbox

All things CSS flexbox. From foundational concepts to more advanced use cases are covered here
6 Articles

Tailwind CSS

All things Tailwind including how to configure, code, and scale your CSS using this amazing framework.
7 Articles


Thoughts, ideas, learnings, opinions, and more. I use this collection as a space to capture more broad writing unrelated to tutorial content.
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Rails Quick Tips

These tips are a group of fun and useful features I discovered about the Ruby on Rails framework, as I've learned over time.
10 Articles

Hotwire and Rails

A combination of Ruby on Rails and Hotwire frameworks to make highly interactive web apps
15 Articles

Ruby on Rails

This collection houses all things Ruby and Rails. We discuss the conventions, principles, patterns, and more that make up the vastly cool web-app framework.
57 Articles