Hello Hotwire Course

Hello Hotwire

Hello Hotwire is a free course with premium build-along modules for developers looking to dive into Hotwire using Ruby on Rails with a fresh perspective.

Here are a few reasons to consider trying Hotwire in your own Ruby on Rails applications.

Faster User Experience

By sending HTML directly instead of JSON, you reduce the need to send data back and forth between client and server, speeding up interactions and reducing latency.

Reduced JavaScript Complexity

Hotwire aims to simplify the front end by reducing the bulk of JavaScript code needed to make reactive web applications, leaning on server-rendered HTML instead.

Streamlined Development

Developers can work more efficiently within the Rails ecosystem, leveraging Rails' conveniences and conventions alongside Hotwire’s capabilities to quickly build and maintain features.

Real-time Updates

With features like Turbo Streams and morphing, Hotwire allows real-time DOM updates, perfect for features that need to reflect changes instantly, such as chat systems, live notifications, or stateful content.

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