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Andy Leverenz

March 12, 2017

Last updated November 5, 2023

How to Design and Code a Product Landing Page – Part 14

In Part 14 of my "How to Design and Code a Product Landing Page" screencast series, I begin implementing the eCommerce portion of the site.

In this video, I finally decide upon what merchant to use as our payment/e-commerce solution going forward. Since I recorded this video in advance I switched technologies and decided to use WooCommerce so in the event that more products are added to the store the site is easier to scale.

Adding eCommerce

What you will see in the video is me implementing a simple Stripe plugin which allows the payment information to be captured directly on the landing page. The data captured will be sent to both Stripe as well as the WordPress admin which keeps track of orders as they come through.

Get an SSL Certificate Installed

If you decide to implement something similar in your own designs I strongly recommend getting an SSL certificate installed on your domain/host. These encrypt all data sent on your website and are becoming a requirement these days.

You can opt to purchase and SSL certificate but a great free alternative is brought to us by Let's Encrypt. I personally haven't installed an SSL certificate in the way it's documented on Many hosting providers are beginning to offer this feature as a one-click install. Do some research before buying into one and wasting your money!

Hosting Providers and SSL

All of my sites are hosted on Digital Ocean servers. I have a managed host/service between those servers called Cloudways. The service allows me to launch new servers, applications, and install SSL certificates all with the click of a button. It's. certainly more expensive than just buying into Digital Ocean products but the time less spent is rewarding. There are new features being added all the time as well. If you're interested you can use this link to sign up for a free trial.

The Series So Far

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