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Andy Leverenz

June 3, 2022

Last updated November 5, 2023

Hello Rails - My Ruby on Rails course is now updated for Rails 7

Greetings friends,

I've been hard at work behind the scenes to update the course called Hello Rails.

I launched the course right about when Rails 6 was just entering the picture. I had just crossed about 100 videos on my YouTube channel where I posted several longer guides on how to make use of Ruby on Rails to build cool apps. To my surprise, those videos got a lot of attention so I sensed there was a calling for some more entry-level needs in the rails/ruby community.

Most Rails and Ruby developers I know are seasoned pros. It's great to see new interest but I think overall there's a large gap in the ecosystem between those just getting started and those who have literally built the framework for which it stands today.

I reside somewhere in the middle now but at first, I was very much alone. There was some content out there but nothing very modern nor progressive. My goal was to help change that while learning in public. The course ultimately was a bonus from my learnings that I earned some side change on.

What's in the update?

Rails 7 ready

Rails 7 brings a large number of new features to the framework. The course is now updated to use those features and then some.

Fresh re-recorded content

I re-recorded nearly every part of the course. With Rails 7 now released there were a lot of new conventions to adhere to and it ultimately made sense to do a reset. We still take on building a Reddit clone but with the help of the new framework is now part of Rails. We use things like turbo frames, turbo streams, stimulus.js, and more.

Fewer videos

I'm happy to say the course is now much more condensed in size too. The final video count dropped by about 40 videos, mostly configuration/design/setup type of videos. Rails 7 made much of this so streamlined I could omit a large portion and still get the point across.

No more book

Unfortunately, the book portion of the course didn't make the cut with the update. Overall, I'm a fan of books + videos. Sometimes referring to the written word is more impactful but I simply didn't have the bandwidth. If you're a book worm I apologize!

The old version still exists

If you prefer the original version of the course I still link to it within your account after you grab the course. There you will be able to access the legacy content should you prefer to.

Free for existing course purchasers

Already buy the course? This upgrade is free 👏.

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