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Andy Leverenz

July 22, 2017

Last updated November 5, 2023

Let's Build: A Consultancy Website - Part 18

Completing the Home Page Header Styles

Part 18 continues where we left on with styling the remaining content inside the header portion of the home page. I utilized a lot of positioning with CSS for full effect. I was able to reproduce our design accurately on the desktop view of the site. In a future part of the series, I will revisit the responsive portions of the site to ultimately make the site function across a wide array of devices.

Keeping things modular

From this point forward I plan to style the home page and future pages in their own respective sub-sections. Doing this allows me to keep my file structure a little more modular and easier to navigate. This also makes future updates easier as time goes on.

In my sass directory each page would live inside a master pages directory and within that directory, each page would get its own directory like so:

pages /
-- home /
---- _home.scss
-- about /
---- _about.scss

Rather than using a master style sheet with traditional CSS I can easily concatenate Sass files to create a similar master style sheet all of which is easier to write and still remain D.R.Y. (Don't Repeat Yourself).

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