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Andy Leverenz

November 23, 2020

Last updated November 5, 2023

Let's build for Ruby and Rails developers - Part 14

Building the new job form preview page

In part 14, I continue our long journey with a dynamic form built with Vue.js on the front-end and Ruby on Rails on the back end. We're about halfway done having previously worked on the new job form details page on parts 12 - 13.

The end goal with the new job form is allow employers/contractors to publish a job with ease. They'll be able to visit, click on "Post a job", enter details, preview those details, and purchase the job listing.

Behind the scenes I plan on creating a new account for that employer if it doesn't already exist and kicking off some emails about their account and job. We'll get to those extra details later on but for the sake of this video the goal is to show a realistic preview of the job listing before the purchase.

Thanks to our new store pattern with Vue.js I'm able to easily show job data in step 2 of our multi-step form. We'll pipe this data through and display it.

In the next part we'll start to code the last and final step of the job form and introduce our billing portion of the project. I plan on using Stripe primarily for billing. We could use something like PayPal or Braintree as well but to get something shipped sooner or later I think Stripe is a good first issue to tackle. Stay tuned!

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