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LUXD: an eBook for aspiring UX designers
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Andy Leverenz

August 30, 2016

Last updated November 5, 2023

LUXD: an eBook for aspiring UX designers

What is user experience design?

This is a question I get asked often.

Most will assume UX design means only the presentational layer of products but that's furthest from the truth. Unfortunately, there is no simple type of definition for UX design other than summarizing it into a process. One of which I have been following and trying to understand for many years.

LUXD has officially launched!
Read more about it here or check out the book's landing page.

Take a step back with me

Just like primitive tools, user experience design has had its part in all our lives since the beginning of time. The evolution of how people work and even the tools they use have been defined with user experience in mind whether we knew it or not.

For instance, there’s a reason why a shovel is good for digging and a spoon is good for “scooping”. You wouldn’t play basketball with a football (unless it’s all you have) would you?. The balls themselves are designed for their intended sport the same way most tools and products we use help us complete tasks more efficiently than ever before.

User experience is all around us. Thinking about user experience in your day to day flow will help you understand just what it is and how it helps evolve our modernized tools into what they have become. From the start, the tools we create may not be perfect but with feedback from others, multiple iterations of new prototypes, and a lot of trial and error we can almost always arrive at a well-defined solution no matter the simplicity.

Enter LUXD

LUXD ebook mockup image

LUXD - An eBook written by a user experience designer, for user experience designers who want to become successful at what they do.

LUXD: Learn User Experience Design: An eBook written by a user experience designer, for user experience designers' who want to become successful at what they do.

Having worked on many different types of user experiences over the years I have noticed a common pattern in the way people think and use products put before them. This “pattern” is a process in which designers can utilize to solve problems in the most efficient and realistic manner.

To be clear, there’s no definite process that works for each and every designer and user, but there are combinations of proven methods you can combine (as well as some of my own tactics) to hit the ground running as a kick-ass user experience designer.


Who is the book for?

I created this book for those who want to REALLY learn the user experience design process and have struggled to grasp what the job really entails.

No matter your knowledge of UX design this book is targeted towards both new and seasoned UX designers.

Why should I download your book?

I believe UX design isn’t something that can be learned in a classroom but rather from real experiences, even if it’s someone else’s. I want to share what I know about UX design as well as many methodologies I have used along my path as a UX designer to help you build products people love.

Online resources try to teach in a very scholarly way, whereas I tend to tell it like it is. These “teachers” are sometimes not even professionals on the topic at hand, which is pretty lame. They are more interested in money than giving real information to their students.

Most designers forget that UX design is more about the user than any part of the design itself. The user dictates the way a product can or will evolve. Designers make it work.

Successful user experiences keep users coming back for more. To create these you need to understand many aspects of the process all of which are outlined in the book.

When can I get it and what formats will it be available in?

The book will be available in:

  • PDF
  • ePub

Unfortunately, I am still writing a few remaining portions of the book but never fear, you can visit the LUXD landing page to sign up to receive the new book. My goal is to release it sometime in the winter of 2016 (that’s pretty soon). Sorry, I can’t give a definite date :) I’m writing this while still working full-time.

How can I learn more about the LUXD eBook?

The page I put together for the book can be found by clicking the button below. There you can read about what’s in the book as well as sign up to receive word of its launch.

Learn more about the LUXD eBook

Who is the author?

Andy Leverenz

Andy (me) in Italy this past year checking out some of the street art.

The same person writing these blog posts :) I'm Andy. I own and operate Web-Crunch. You can find out more about what I do and read other stuff I've written on the LUXD page.

Feel free to contact me directly or tweet at me with any questions. I’m very happy to chat!

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