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Welcome to Web-Crunch
Portrait of Andy Leverenz
Andy Leverenz

December 18, 2014

Last updated November 5, 2023

Welcome to Web-Crunch

Hey! I’m Andy and I built Web-Crunch with my own two hands, some coffee, a lot of time and effort, and maybe a few shots of bourbon.

What is Web-Crunch?

Web-Crunch is a collection of all things related to design and development. I bet you’re thinking, what makes you different than any other design or development blog? Well, Web-Crunch delivers a balanced mix of design and development articles and offers a more personal approach towards topics. Many blogs grow to become so utterly massive that it takes a whole team to maintain. This blog isn't about that. In fact, I plan on keeping things personable so we can have a place to discuss matters as if we were talking face to face. There will likely be guest bloggers so it won’t only be me writing BUT the style of writing will set us apart.

My Door is Open, Come On In

By day I work full-time as a UX Designer and Developer for a software company out of Boulder, Colorado. I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri so my commute is completely virtual (wouldn't change this for the world). On the side, I own and operate a creative freelance agency called Justalever Creative.

I wanted to give back to the community and offer my experiences so Web-Crunch was born. I have written for multiple blogs, some of which you have probably read if you’re reading this. After writing for other blogs I realized I wanted my own baby to call my own. With all of this said, I invite you to get in touch if you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to say hey. We can send each other cute kitten pics if it comes down to it. Wait...what?

What else do I do?

andy live

I’m a pro guitarist on the side. I play in a rock/pop cover band called Almost Heroes. I actually got my start in the music industry. Being a poor musician means doing A LOT of graphics work yourself. Thus my design career was born when the need for cheap merchandise was present. From there the band thing didn’t work out even though we got pretty far. I finally broke down and went to college. I got my bachelor’s in Graphic Design and taught myself web design/development.

What’s to come?

Alongside many articles, I plan to offer multiple part video series, a job board and a forum for the design and development community. Hopefully, with all the information available everyone can work together to become better at what they do and have fun in the process. After all, why does work need to be dull?

Final Words

Coming to a close I want to welcome you to the site. Take a look around. If you’re just getting here, I promise it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned for an ample amount of topics, articles, videos, jobs, and discussions to come! Thank you for dropping by.

– Andy

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