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Welcome to WordPress 4.1
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Andy Leverenz

December 18, 2014

Last updated November 5, 2023

Welcome to WordPress 4.1

WordPress 4.1 was just released. The update includes all new features and tools to help your writing experience within WordPress be better than ever. Below I’ll note what is new and how it could benefit you.

Twenty Fifteen


Twenty Fifteen now ships with WordPress 4.1. The theme itself is a fully responsive blog based theme built upon the ever-popular material design style which puts emphasis on both typography and imagery. Google’s Noto font family is the default typeface used throughout.

No more distractions


Writing is now easier than ever with the new distraction-free writing mode. As you type the formatting tools available fade away leaving you with a canvas ready to be filled. When you need the tools back they return with a simple gesture or mouseover.

New Features in 4.1

WordPress already translates 44 languages with more on the way. With 4.1 you can now switch translations from the general settings panel.

Ever here of Vine? I’ll bet you have. Full support for Vine video embeds is now available. Check out the full list of supported embeds here.

If you ever log in to your WordPress admin on a shared computer and forgot to logout you now have the capability to logout from anywhere. Yes, anywhere.

The plugin installer now features a recommended tab for new plugins for you to install based on the existing plugins you already have installed.

For hardcore developers, WordPress has improved documentation on the core code reference.

Personal Opinions

While I develop most of my own themes I think the twenty fifteen theme is the best one yet from Automattic (the creators). The style is modern and fits into today's trends which is crucial for any blogger who already doesn't develop or design their own themes.

I am intrigued by the new distraction-free editor. Like many, I have never been a fan of writing within the WordPress dashboard. There was always just too much in the way. With the new release, it looks like things are shaping up. I’m excited to explore more of what 4.1 has to offer. Be sure and update today and do the same!

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