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Andy Leverenz

July 28, 2017

Last updated November 5, 2023

Let's Build: A Consultancy Website - Part 20

Coding The Home Page Brand Strategy Section

In Part 20 of my Let's Build: A Consultancy Website series I walk you through finishing some last-minute tweaks of our primary header as well as building out the brand strategy section.

Brand Strategy

The purpose of the brand strategy section on the home page design is to define briefly what it is and why it's important for any business looking to appear professional to its customers and consumers. Alyssa ultimately wants to help businesses define their own strategies as each business and market is very different.

Designing the brand strategy section

The design of this section is very simple featuring a solid background color and white text with a newsletter subscription form. Alyssa can better target customers via email so including this form throughout the site was an important requirement. The form will later be integrated with MailChimp which makes sending newsletters and targeted email campaigns very easy and scalable. We like easy!

Next up we'll tackle the process section which includes some fun components to both design and code in the browser. See you there!

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