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Andy Leverenz

December 21, 2020

Last updated November 5, 2023

Let's Build for Ruby and Rails Developers - Part 15

In part 15 I'll be focusing on the Vue.js job checkout form and integrating Stripe.

Welcome to part 15 of my Let's Build for Ruby and Rails developers series. In this part, I'll continue building the checkout experience on our multi-step job form built with Ruby on Rails on the back end and Vue.js on the front end.

We'll start to wrap up the form by integrating Stripe into the checkout experience and establishing some pricing patterns. My plan is to enable some upsells during the construction of a job as well so look for that in upcoming parts. We're narrowing in on this massive form endeavor and I'm excited to get a prototype built and ready to roll. I think after this phase I'll keep cranking on the design of the app a bit as well as tackle some transactional emails for those that do post a job.

We need to think about the expiration of a job since it should expire after a set period of time in my opinion. Should this be a one-time fee or should I enabled subscriptions by default so that when you post a job it's essentially setting up a new subscription with Stripe and billing monthly until the job either expires or is canceled by the employer. All these decisions still need to be made but I feel I'm laying a good foundation for making that process easier for the end-user who is posting the job, to begin with. I'm excited to wrap up the job board soon so we can tackle more of the community and profile features. My short term goal is to get an MVP of the job board live on and then keep adding features as I go.

Thanks for your attention so far if you've been following along. My goal is to be as transparent as I can with this. Any feedback, pointers, or ideas for features are welcomed!

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