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Andy Leverenz

August 19, 2020

Last updated November 5, 2023

Let's build for Ruby and Rails developers - Part 6

An Initial pass at the job form UI

Welcome to part 6 of my Let's build for Ruby and Rails developers series. This part will focus on getting started with the user interface component of the app.


As a designer at heart, I take pride in getting busy with design earlier. Doing this helps me imagine how data could display and if anything is missing. Your mileage may vary with this approach and that's okay.

I ended up creating a logo that I think we'll roll with for now. Of course, it's red like most Ruby and Rails fans expect.

Here's a quick take on a basic logo + wordmark

rails-devs logo and wordmark

We'll use this look and feel to establish part of the job form UI in this part of the series and continue on as we progress. Thanks to Tailwind this process is pretty fast but can result in a bit of back and forth before finding a sweet spot. It's probably not the most exciting content to watch but as I stated in my initial part one that this series will be a little more open-ended.

Coming up next

In the next part, I think I'll be continuing to get the UI in a decent state before we start tackling the new job form which will be made with Vue.js. I hope you'll stay tuned. There is so much to come.

The series so far

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