10 Ways Designers Can Gain More Exposure feature image

Design, no matter the medium, is a form of expression and overall creativity. Some may say it’s an addiction while others treat it as a way of life. If you consider your...

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Flow: a new approach to digital design feature image

It’s 2015 and the design world has come a long way to making new media using new mediums. Most designers use the tools provided by computer manufacturers to get the job ...

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Diving Deep with Smart Objects feature image

Smart Objects are layers within Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, that contain data from raster or vector images. These objects preserve an image’s o...

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Code Quality Counts feature image

As a front end developer who tries to keep up with the latest trends, I find it a constant challenge to define my own unique path when building a website or application....

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Welcome to WordPress 4.1 feature image

WordPress 4.1 was just released. The update includes all new features and tools to help your writing experience within WordPress be better than ever. Below I’ll note wha...

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